The Brewer

The IIKONE mk1 is the very first pour over brewer with a totally unobstructed filter. This solution allows a brewing process which is undisturbed by uneven surface tension where the filter touches its support, thereby making proper use of the entire filtering surface. The ultimate result is a more complex, less bitter brew than that produced by classic manual pour over brewers / drippers, and fewer non-soluble particles in the cup. The unique patented solution for holding the conical filter consists of clamping it from the top with a metal ring, holding the filter from above, leaving the filtering area free of interfering elements.

The brewer is made entirely of medical grade stainless steel, CNC cut, machined, and polished or powdercoat painted. It is compatible with popular 6-10 cup round or rectangular paper filters and most conical metal filters. The IIKONE's shape was inspired by sci-fi comics, rendering it strong, bold, and absolutely unmistakeable. It may be polarizing, but certainly can't be described as boring. The choice of having a completely open filter came from several years of experiences with pour over coffee at home, in coffee shops, and in barista competitions. 

Holding the filter just “in the air” was discovered to be the way to a more complex load of flavors and a less bitter taste. Water flows through the filter more uniformly, without being locally attracted by the surface tension of a cone supporting the filter. Extensive cupping tests with groups of experienced baristas confirmed the initial observations : the method used in the IIKONE has a potential of producing a more interesing brew at a comparable TDS level than other brew methods. Made entirely in stainless steel grade 316L.

We've carefully selected the craftmen who are manufacturing our product in order to be sure they share our passion for beauty, quality and coffee. The IIKONE mk1 is made locally in Poland by the hands of the best and most committed specialists.

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