the IIKONE brewer



The IIKONE mk1 is the very first pourover coffee brewer with a totally unobstructed filter. This solution allows a brewing process undisturbed by uneven surface tension where the filter touches its support, and makes a proper use of the entire filtering surface. The ultimate result is a more complex, even less bitter brew than is the one produced by classic manual pourover brewers, and fewer nonsoluble particles in the cup.
The brewer is made entirely of high gloss medical-grade stainless steel, CNC cut, then manually machined, welded and polished by hand. This said, no two pieces are strictly identical, and a very close look may reveal the unique character of your IIKONE brewer beyond its serial number.

It is compatible with popular 6-10 cup round or rectangular filters and conical metal filters.

* Height : 386 mm / 15,24"
* Width : 386 mm / 15,24"
* Length : 282 mm / 11,1"

The shipping time depending on the destination is usually 7-14 working days. In case if you'd purchase several brewers at once, please not hesitate to contact us for more suited offer.